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Sanskrit is the oldest classical language of India which dates back to middle of the second millennium. It still continues to be used in many parts of India and still exists as a learned language in journals and modern literature. From its original form it has now become a more modern language which has changed over the years. India has more than eighteen major languages and “1600” minor languages.
Just like its languages India has such a vast amount of cuisines and very passionate about its food. Every region has its own unique mouth watering cuisine. There are four main Indian cuisines, North Indian, South Indian, East Indian and West Indian.
In Sanskrit they prepare traditional dishes which have always stood the true test of time with the combination of new and exciting dishes from each of the four regions of India. They carefully select and prepar each dish by their highly experienced chefs.
We Hope You Enjoy Your Experience at Sanskrit.

Few menu items from sanskrit

Kachori (V)  £2.95

“A popular savoury snack of Gujarat” deep-fried round pastry balls stuffed with green peas and lentils.

Vegetable Samosa (V)  £2.45

Seasoned potatoes and peas wrapped in a light pastry.

Crispy Bhajia (V)  £3.45

“Kenyan and Indian fusion” battered fried potato roundels.

Methi Gota (V)  £3.45

Traditional light fritters combined with fresh fenugreek leave’s & gram flour batter.

Garlic Chilli Mogo (V)  £4.45

Cassava tossed in a garlic & chilli powder.

Masala Mogo Chips (V)  £3.45

“A true Kenyan delicacy” fried cassava splashed with a hint of chilli powder & garnished with salt & lemon wedges.

Veg-Kebab (V)  £3.75

Mix lentil patties with onion, coriander & dry roasted masala powder.

Basket Chaat (V)  £4.75

“A famous street food of India” mixture of chickpeas, potatoes, onion and cucumber presented in a special Sanskrit basket, topped with a sweet-sour chutney, for those who want to try something different.

Allu Tikki Chaat (V)  £3.75

Patties of spiced potatoes, pan grilled, served on a bed of spicy-tangy chickpeas.

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