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Moksh restaurant in wales,cardiff is one among the best indian restaurants that leads by way ahead .
Moksh at Cardiff Bays history is inextricably linked with the background of its chef/patron Stephen Gomes.

Following 15 years spent progressing from demi chef, through senior head chef, to group administrative chef at a variety of 5 star hotels throughout Asia, Stephen Gomes settled in Cardiff working for the Cafe Naz Restaurant Group. This is where Stephen gained his first experience of independent restaurants and led to the desire to open his own establishment.

Stephen wanted to balance the fine dining experience he had learnt in the hotel industry with the aromatic flavours and recipes of his childhood and bring it to an independent restaurant in his new home town.

'Moksh' at Cardiff Bay was born in 2007



Moksh Delight
Chocolate and orange chicken tikka. Hyderabadi minced lamb and potato with chilli beetroot foam. Balchao dusted pork belly on tomato charasa and edible paper.

Treasures of the Sea
Soft shelled crab on puffed rice. Prawn cocktail with lemon cloud. Salmon tikka with salmon and mango caviar.

Chicken Kalimiri Chettinad (H)
Black pepper chicken curry, Chettinad is the term normally associated with the cuisine of The Chettiyars of Tamil Nadu. They were the originators of the devilled sauce, vibrant with the flavours of crushed black pepper and tamarind pulp.

Pork Sorpotel
Sarapatel, also called sorpotel, is a dish of Portugal now commonly cooked in the coastal Konkan regions of India, primarily in Goa and is very popular with the Goan catholics. Diced pork in a spicy sour sauce.

Goan Fish Curry
The miles of golden sandy beaches, crystal clear water and brilliant green landscapes would be enough to satisfy any tourist, but there is so much more to Goa than idyllic holidays… Of course it’s the cuisine! This spicy hot tamarind and coconut curry is a traditional fish curry and is a regular at most Goan banquets.

source courtesy : Moksh website

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